Project Team

This programme was implemented by the Project Management Group and Nature Bureau.
The Project had a very experienced Team of International Experts led by the Team Leader Wolfgang Suske from Austria who is supported by four other Key Experts on Management Planning, Large Carnivores, Communication of NATURA 2000 and Impact Assessment.
24 additional experts - the vast majority of whom are Croatian - were assisting the Key Experts with everything from the various sectors related to NATURA 2000, such as forestry, flora, habitats, ornithology, fauna and fish to professional communications trainers.


Wolfgang Suske (Austria), Team Leader
Owen Mountford (United Kingdom), Management Planning
Christoph Promberger (Germany), Large Carnivores
Graham Tucker (United Kingdom), Impact Assessment
Kerstin Sundseth (United Kingdom), Communication


Peter Skoberne (Slovenia), NATURA 2000
Jasenka Topic (Croatia), Flora and Habitats
Jelena Kralj, (Croatia), Ornithology
Nikola Tvrtkovic (Croatia), Fauna
Milorad Mrakovcic (Croatia), Fish
Sonja Karoglan Todorovic (Croatia), Agro-environment
Joso Vukelic (Croatia), Forestry
Stjepan Mikac (Croatia), Forestry
Boriana Mihova (Bulgaria), Incentive and Compensation Measures
Ðuro Huber (Croatia), Large carnivores
Josip Kusak (Croatia), Large carnivores
Petr Roth (Czech Republic), Impact Assessment
Orlando Venn (United Kingdom), Impact Assessment
Aleksandra Majic (Slovenia), Workshop facilitation
Marin Grgurev (Croatia), Workshop Facilitation
Carol Howard (United Kingdom), Communication and Campaign
Mathias Brant (Germany), Communication
Petra Boic- Petrac (Croatia), Media
Diana Pound (United Kingdom), Communication Trainer
Lisa Chilton (United Kingdom), Communication Trainer
Gojko Pintur (Croatia), Socioeconomic expert
Tatjana Bakran-Petricioli (Croatia), Marine habitats

Mats Ericson (Sweeden), Large Carnivores
Marko Caleta (Croatia), Fishes
Miljenko Gasparac (Croatia), Large Carnivores

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