Stakeholders corner

 People often associate nature conservation with strict nature reserves where human activities are systematically excluded. NATURA 2000 adopts a different approach – it recognises that man is an integral part of nature and the two work best in partnership with one another.  

In this way NATURA 2000 supports the principle of sustainable development.  Its aim is not to stop economic activities altogether but rather to set the parameters by which these can take place whilst safeguarding its biodiversity.

This is best achieved by sitting down with all stakeholders who live and work in a NATURA 2000 site to agree together on the best ways to conserve the species and habitats present whilst respecting the local socio-economic context. In most cases only minor adjustments will be needed, which are best decided on a case by case basis.

Our “stakeholder corner” contributes this process - here you get important information about planned activities, already done workshops and events, minutes and documents.