Management Vransko jezero

Developement of the Management Plan for Vransko Lake and Jasen

This component envisaged preparing a Management Plan for Vransko Lake Nature Park and the adjacent area of Jasen, which is one of the NATURA 2000 sites included in the proposed list for Croatia. The Nature Park of Vransko Lake  is the most important lake for birds in Croatia. The site faces considerable challenges following changes in the lake hydrology and also arising from different priorities for use and management from the varying stakeholders in the region.
Development of Vransko Lake and Jasen management plan began by reviewing what is known about the wildlife of the Nature Park, and making surveys to fill gaps in the knowledge. The project team and the beneficiary compiled a significant dossier of published and unpublished background material referring to the biology (especially birds, fish, flora/vegetation and habitats), physical conditions (notably hydrology) as well as the boundaries of the site and its use for tourism.
At the same time, Experts of the PHARE Project made a detailed assessment of all the stakeholders in the region and discussed with them in a long series of interviews what their concerns were for the park and its future. Trough the number of meetings and workshops, indentified stakeholders were involved in the identification of problems related to the management of the area, as well as in development of the common vision, priorities and needed future actions. As the result of the consultation process, final draft of the management plan for Vransko Lake nature park and Jasen area was developed. After finalization of the official proposal of NATURA 2000 sites these will be edited into a management plan for this NATURA 2000 site.