About PHARE Project

In 2001, the European Union (EU) set itself the ambitious target of halting the loss of biodiversity in Europe.  Two strong pieces of European legislation are the cornerstones of the EU’s policy response to this commitment - the Birds Directive and the Habitats Directive. They represent the most ambitious initiative ever undertaken to conserve valuable habitats and species across all EU Member States.

The overall objective of this project “NATURA 2000 in Croatia" was to support the Croatian institutions in approximation of EU Birds and Habitats Directive. Through the project the consultant assisted the Croatian authorities in implementing the NATURA 2000 network in accordance with national and EU legislation.

 The project had five specific objectives:

1.       Development of NATURA 2000 proposal and consultation process

2.       Developement of the management plan for proposed NATURA site “VranskoLakeNaturePark and Jasen”

3.       Development of the management plan for the proposed NATURA 2000 sites important for large carnivores

4.       Expert training for establishment and implementation of the mechanism for assessment of impact on NATURA 2000 sites

5.       Public awareness