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Dear colleagues,

We are proud to present you new web site of the EU project Institutional building and implementation of NATURA

2000 inCroatia. The project lasts from January 2008 and is coming towards it’s end. The grand finale is planned for 22 May, and we would like to invite you this day to our celebration and representation of the biggest ecological network in the wolrd, that will be held during the whole day in Cvjetni trg, starting from noon.

The same day is a national day of Nature protection. The beneficiary of the project, SINP, always prepares a public celebration on 22 May, but this year it will be a festival of NATURA 2000

Ecological network NATURA 2000 is “must” in all European countries, as well in countries who are in period of accession. A big part of Croatia will be included in NATURA 2000, not to say that Croatia will give more habitats and species to this ecological network than any member state. Therefore we believe this would be very interesting for you. We have just finished second faze of negotiations with stakeholders, and the proposal of NATURA 2000 sites is more clear.

If you want to know weather your city or the place where you spend your holidays is a part of NATURA 2000, or if you have any other question, please, go to our website, visit the press corner and be free to use any of the articles about NATURA 2000 species or habitats, that we will refresh every week. If you need bigger photos for your editions, or any other data, don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

And, of course, don’t forget 22 May. It will be a great celebration of nature, under the slogan “Today we wear NATURA”.