Volunteers Work

Volunteer work in the sector of nature conservation has a long tradition. In your daily life you benefit from an intact nature – so it is fair to give some of your free time back. In dependence of your personal situation you can choose, which amount of time you want to give: only a couple of days, a week, some months or even a year.

Volunteer work in the field of nature conservation offers you a good opportunity to spend your free time in a good way, get to know a country or part of a country and new like-minded people from all over the world.

In the field of nature conservation, various types of projects are offered. So you can choose for example between supporting organic farms, reconstruction of hiking trails, observing and counting dolphins or turtles, and much more.

Usually, you don’t get paid for this collaboration – but food and shelter will be supplied by the organisation and furthermore, unforgettable events and trips are organized for you and your colleagues.


Below, you find some links and good examples, which should invite you to browse through interesting projects and whetting your appetite for participating in nature conservation projects.

Volunteers for nature conservation – Links

http://www.vcz.hr/english-info/ Service Civil International (Croatia)

http://www.alpenverein.at/jugend/Veranstaltungen/0200_Umweltbaustellen.shtml Volunteer work in the mountains (Austria)

http://www.naturschutzbund-ooe.at/green_belt_camp_2009.html    Green Belt Camp Maltsch (Austria)

www.foej.de Freiwilliges Ökologisches Jahr (Austria)

http://www.jugendumweltnetzwerk.at/content/site/juneangebote/freiwilligesoej/index.html volunteering for one year (Austria)

http://freiwilligenboerse.vol.at/index_content.php?pageid=473&cf_session=5bf2e367884432f002f347bd446b9cd9&print=yes Volunteer work on farms (Austria)

http://www.rspb.org.uk/volunteering/index.asp Volunteering at RSPB The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (Great Britain)

http://www.parcoabruzzo.it/volontariato.red.html Volunteer Programm in the Abruzzen- Nationalpark (Italy)

http://www.alpenverein.de/template_loader.php?tplpage_id=64 Volunteer work on farms in the mountains (Germany)

www.bergwaldprojekt.ch Volunteer Work in the wood (Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Ukraine)

www.archelon.grSea Turtle Protection Society of Greece (Greece)

http://www.byco.info Volunteering with the Baltic Youth Coorperation (Baltic)

http://www.freiwillige-in-parks.de/index.php?q=english  volunteer programme in the “Nationale Naturlandschaften” (Germany)

http://www.sutton.gov.uk/index.aspx?articleid=1964 Sutton Nature Conservation Volunteers (Great Britain)

http://www.tethys.org/tri_courses/courses_index_e.htm Volunteering at Tethys Research Institute

http://www.sunseed.org.uk/ Volunteering at Sunseed Dessert Technology (Great Britain)

http://www.redsea-ec.org/englisch/index-en.php Volunteer Work at the Red Sea Environmental Centre (Africa)

http://www.ecovolunteer.org/  Travel agency (world-europewide)

http://www.sciint.org/ Service Civil International (world-/europewide)

http://www.wwoof.org/europe/  World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (world-/europewide)